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Commercial Buildings

At United Valet Parking, Inc. we know how vital it is for owners of commercial buildings and properties to have proper parking facilities and service to accommodate their clients and visitors. Commercial Parking requires a high level of customer service and the ability to handle multiple methods of parking.

Our professionals are experienced in efficiently handling your commercial parking needs. Commercial Parking Services include:

  • Parking Structure Layout
  • Garage Management
  • Trained Uniformed Personnel
  • Revenue Control
  • Quality Control

United Valet Parking, Inc. has been in the parking business for over twenty years. As experts and professionals in the parking field our staff will fully cooperate with the tenants of your structure. We will make recommendations concerning the reduction of operating costs. Our Parking Management will also monitor facility operations.

At United Valet Parking, Inc. we maintain a high level of Quality Control to ensure reliable and responsive customer service. We perform unannounced audits of our facilities in order to ensure our employees are courteous and understanding. Our staff is trained to understand the importance of respecting the customer and how to enforce parking policies with courtesy and professionalism.



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